Tools & Training


Our Management Team Foundations™ (MTF™) provides an assessment of the strength and balance of your current leadership team at any level in your organization. We facilitate a review of current and past contributions that each member is making to the overall goals and objectives of the company. We use the Core Values Index™ as a benchmark to measure the nature of each individual and get clarity on who they are, which forms the basis for analyzing where they can make higher contributions in their current role.


Coach Training gives leaders the tools they need to conduct the everyday occurrences pertaining to the unpredictable nature of organizational life and relationships. This training will show leaders how to move through these minefields with more agility, helping them become skilled practitioners in the human dynamic. Whether applied to organizations or personal relationships, Coach Training offers the best framework for helping people encourage, challenge, and move each other forward–sometimes in ways that are quite surprising.


Managers love managing until our people disappoint us. Then it gets tough! We have to confront, teach, train and re-train, write improvement plans, and sometimes we have to let people go. Not fun! What if you could find the gold in people – that is… target the real opportunities that already exist within the Core Values Nature™ of the person we are trying to help? The CVI™ plays a strategic role in helping managers become even more effective in lifting our people to higher levels of performance and satisfaction!