Strategic RoadMap™

The Actual Cause of Business Growth

Every company does Strategic Planning, right? EXOS asks every company we meet, “Are you practicing a yearly strategic planning process?” Most say yes, but when asked to produce a document or recite the main initiatives, the response is crickets!

EXOS has a solution that keeps your company’s strategic plan front and center, for all in the company to see and to participate. We produce an actual visual Strategic RoadMap™ in the form of a wall poster that is easy to refer to in the midst of leadership activities throughout the year. Then we implement all the RoadMap initiatives through a process called “OKRs” – Objectives and Key Results. With each completed OKR, we develop a ROI statement that actually tracks dollars back into your company. Listen to the impact our process made in Gerding Builders:

The full process of Strategic Planning follows certain steps:

  • Start with Leadership and Executive Functioning – must be in place to get anything else done!
  • Get buy in from your people on the front lines using our Business Performance Analysis™
  • Stakeholder retreat to conduct formal strategic planning Roadmap process
  • Implement OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) to carry out every initiative with accountability

This is a process that actually works!

Our clients report this one thing alone is causing significant measurable results, both in dollars and effectiveness.