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Strategic RoadMap™

The Actual Cause of Business Growth

Every company does Strategic Planning, right? EXOS asks every company we meet, “Are you practicing a yearly strategic planning process?” Most say yes, but when asked to produce a document or recite the main initiatives, the response is… crickets!

EXOS has a solution that keeps your company’s strategic plan front and center, for all in the company to see and participate in. We produce an actual visual Strategic RoadMap™ in the form of a poster, bright and shiny, that is easy to refer to in the midst of leadership activities throughout the year. Here’s a brief video on the impact of our process for one client: http://bit.ly/EXOStestimonial_GerdingCompanies

The full process of Strategic Planning follows certain steps:

  • Start with Leadership and Executive Functioning – must be in place to get anything else done!
  • Get buy-in from your people on the front lines using our Business Performance Analysis™
  • Get the stakeholders away on a retreat to conduct formal strategic planning (with the voice of employees in mind)
  • Implement OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) as a method to carry out each and every initiative.

It works! Our companies are finding this process alone is causing exponential growth, both in dollars and effectiveness.

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Sales & Pipeline Development

Expand market footprint, increase your sales appointments and closes!

Expected outcomes:
Increase new appointments with decision makers, sales closes, a working script that can be used by anyone, and a clearly measurable process that is duplicatable. Sales management of your team and CRM guidance, if needed.

How is your sales team generating appointments and closing sales now? Do you feel you have an ideal process, and is your team following that process to the best of their abilities? Or do you lack the metrics that tell how how they are doing- down to success rate percentages of each member? Often the CEO or business owner has a sense they are performing as good or better than their team because they cannot duplicate themselves. Your first salesperson under you is already at a disadvantage, because they aren’t the CEO, Founder, or developer of your offering. EXOS Advisors will create a duplicatable, measurable system that delivers the following:

  • Script development- clearly put your value offering into words.
  • You own the script, so now you can duplicate sales because your team can easily follow it.
  • Your EXOS Advisor will personally develop and execute the script, reporting back real results.
  • New appointments will be generated with your target decision makers.
  • Usually CRM consulting is provided to develop the system to track the metrics you need.
  • Sales management processes to provide predictive forecasting.
  • Sales coaching and ongoing outsourced Sales management also available.

You are the owner, is your process duplicatable?

Script creation and Pipeline Development is $3000.

Your EXOS Advisor can personally execute the process or manage your sales team for $2500/ month.

  • “I was looking for a solution to outsource some of the front-end business development work. I was skeptical about results as I’ve tried several avenues in the past to produce new sales appointments. But Michael at EXOS Advisors was able to produce the first qualified appointment with a decision maker in my target list within a few weeks of part-time work. He has consistently generated appointment after appointment. I am now possibly considering easing up a bit as I have a solid pipeline of business proposals.”

    -Michael DeMos, President, Victory 360 Fundraising

Hiring & Support

There’s now a way to know if a candidate is wired to do the work! Hiring is one of the most important things we do in business, yet typically the process is not very well understood and not done very effectively. For most organizations, there is an element of luck that goes into hiring the right people.

  • HR Magazine reported that 85{185d8b8f8da923e7d5b6fbc40606bca6bc244e2d2d7e2b0bf89b70cdd4590881} of hires are somewhat of a disappointment to the employer and employee within 3 weeks of being hire.
  • Gallup polls suggest that only about 30{185d8b8f8da923e7d5b6fbc40606bca6bc244e2d2d7e2b0bf89b70cdd4590881} of people are engaged in their work. How can EXOS Advisors change this outcome?

Not only can EXOS Advisors help you to identify top performers and who you need for certain roles, we can even save you time and money in the hiring process! Most companies hire based on skills and experience, and although very important, that doesn’t tell you if they are going to perform the actual tasks and responsibilities of the job. Using our highly-reliable Core Values IndexTM assessment (97{185d8b8f8da923e7d5b6fbc40606bca6bc244e2d2d7e2b0bf89b70cdd4590881} reliable), in just 15 minutes we can uncover how a candidate is wired to contribute and whether they will be engaged in the work and be productive in their role.

EXOS has a unique process for our clients where we create a customized Job Profile to understand the requirements, skills, responsibilities and tasks of the job and then use our assessment to determine how good of a fit the candidate is for the work. This process leads to more engaged employees who are more productive and more profitable than the average candidate. The value and productive output of a top performer is typically 3 to 5 times that of an average performer, and EXOS knows how to hire these candidates.

Top Performer Profile™
EXOS Advisors accesses a world-class online platform which provides an automated recruitment function that insures hiring people who fit the tasks of their position using the Top Performer Profile™ (TPP™) hiring science. This system can be installed at anytime during a human capital improvement program, although the sooner the better to increase placement of more A & B players! Typically, we start with a pilot project by looking at a position or two where recruitment, retention and performance is a challenge. EXOS Advisors will conduct the analysis of need and determine what position profiles will provide the greatest gain to human capital efficiency of an organization. A primary expected outcome is to dramatically increase the odds of hiring only those that are wired for success.


Our Management Team Foundations™ (MTF™) provides an assessment of the strength and balance of your current leadership team at any level in your organization. We facilitate a review of current and past contributions that each member is making to the overall goals and objectives of the company. We use the Core Values Index™ as a benchmark to measure the nature of each individual and get clarity on who they are, which forms the basis for analyzing where they can make higher contributions in their current role.

Coach Training gives leaders the tools they need to conduct the everyday occurrences pertaining to the unpredictable nature of organizational life and relationships. This training will show leaders how to move through these minefields with more agility, helping them become skilled practitioners in the human dynamic. Whether applied to organizations or personal relationships, Coach Training offers the best framework for helping people encourage, challenge, and move each other forward–sometimes in ways that are quite surprising.

Managers love managing until our people disappoint us. Then it gets tough! We have to confront, teach, train and re-train, write improvement plans, and sometimes we have to let people go. Not fun! What if you could find the gold in people – that is… target the real opportunities that already exist within the Core Values Nature™ of the person we are trying to help? The CVI™ plays a strategic role in helping managers become even more effective in lifting our people to higher levels of performance and satisfaction!

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is designed to cause appropriate actions toward results that will cause significant and sustained growth for the Client going forward. EXOS Advisors is responsible to facilitate forward motion with the person being coached, while the individual(s) being coached are responsible to carry out assignments and keep commitments to their completion.

Outcome Research on Executive Coaching projects great gains!

  • We struggle to hire the right people
  • Making a strategic plan actually work
  • We need more sales/money
  • Our communication is broken or non-existent
  • I can’t find good people
  • Ineffective sales plan or process
  • Turnover and lack of performance

Conflict Management & Mediation

Family Business & Succession Planning