Sales & Pipeline Development

Expand market footprint, increase your sales appointments and closes!

Expected outcomes:
Increase new appointments with decision makers, sales closes, and create a measurable process that is duplicatable by anyone as you expand. Sales management of your team, script assistance and CRM guidance is also available, if needed.

How is your sales team generating appointments and closing sales now? Do you feel you have an ideal process, and is your team at their best following it? Or do you lack metrics that tell how they are doing – down to success rate percentages of each member? A rainmaker CEO can struggle to duplicate themselves because your first salesperson under you is already at a disadvantage: they aren’t the CEO, Founder, or Developer. EXOS Advisors will deliver the following:

  • Clarify and standardize your value offering to increase impact.
  • Your EXOS Advisor will manage and report back real bottom-line results.
  • The improved message increases sales team compliance and activity.
  • More appointments will be generated with targeted decision makers.
  • CRM and sales management improvements will provide predictive forecasting.
  • Ongoing sales coaching or outsourced sales management can continue as needed.

You are the owner, is your process duplicatable?

  • “I was looking for a solution to outsource some of the front-end business development work. I was skeptical about results as I’ve tried several avenues in the past to produce new sales appointments. But Michael at EXOS Advisors was able to produce the first qualified appointment with a decision maker in my target list within a few weeks of part-time work. He has consistently generated appointment after appointment. I am now possibly considering easing up a bit as I have a solid pipeline of business proposals.”

    -Michael DeMos, President, Victory 360 Fundraising