Our Clients

  • Vanguard EMS™

    Dan helped us to bring employee Mentoring and Coaching and the concept of actually obtaining a High Performance Team into our company and really helped us set up a self-sustaining program that we have been able to spread to our entire workforce. This has improved the effectiveness of everything we do and a major part our of lean and business management programs.

  • Blackline Glazing

    I would highly recommend Dan Cox and EXOS Advisors for anyone who is in leadership in a Company or a Church.

  • Abate A Weed

    I can honestly say we have experienced measurable results with Dan’s help. We hired our field supervisor using the Core Values Index™ and the Top Performer Profile™ science. Because we hired the right person, we were able to consolidate two supervisor positions into one, cutting our salaries in half in that department–a 5x return on investment in one position. We have continued to lift our employees to higher contributions for our company and have seen increased profits and productivity beyond what we have thought possible. Our increased performance as a company especially prepared us for the recent drought in CA, which has impacted out business negatively. But the work Dan did with me personally has played a huge role in getting through the difficulties.

  • Veolia Water North America

    Dan Cox is a very effective Executive Coach who was a good help to me and other leaders in Veolia Water. He especially helped me navigate some of the more challenging relationship issues I needed to get through with my direct reports.

  • RediRoot

    The work that Michael Sharp does in helping a business determine what are the steps it takes to get somebody from introduction to closed sale, it’s the best value I’ve found period, in all my work with consultants and personal development tools. Since EXOS has come in and helped me, our sales are up about 50{185d8b8f8da923e7d5b6fbc40606bca6bc244e2d2d7e2b0bf89b70cdd4590881}.