Hiring the Right Person?

There’s now a way to know if a candidate is wired to do the work!

Hiring is one of the most important things we do in business, yet typically the process is not very well understood and not done very effectively. For most organizations, there is an element of luck that goes into hiring the right people.

  • HR Magazine reported that 85% of hires are somewhat of a disappointment to the employer and employee within 3 weeks of being hired.
  • Gallup polls suggest that only about 30% of people are engaged in their work.

How can EXOS Advisors change this outcome?

Not only can EXOS Advisors help you to identify top performers and who you need for certain roles, we can even save you time and money in the hiring process! Most companies hire based on skills and experience, and although very important, that doesn’t tell you if they are going to perform the actual tasks and responsibilities of the job. Using our highly-reliable Core Values IndexTM assessment (97% reliable), in just 15 minutes we can uncover how a candidate is wired to contribute and whether they will be engaged in the work and be productive in their role.

EXOS has a unique process for our clients where we create a customized Job Profile to understand the requirements, skills, responsibilities and tasks of the job and then use our assessment to determine how good of a fit the candidate is for the work. This process leads to more engaged employees who are more productive and more profitable than the average candidate. The value and productive output of a top performer is typically 3 to 5 times that of an average performer, and EXOS knows how to hire these candidates.

If you are interested in learning more about how this can improve your hiring, including how we can manage the front-end of the hiring process for small and mid-sized companies delivering only qualified candidates to interview, please contact us today!

Job Profile

Job Profile online platform features:

  • Create Job Ads
  • Send assessments to unlimited candidates
  • Compare candidates to Job Profile(s)
  • Applicant tracking

Hiring Support

The online hiring system is designed to be self-managed during the hiring process, but not many companies have the time to do this effectively. A lot of clients would prefer someone run the system for them and just deliver final candidates. This is where our hiring support program helps, we conduct all front-end candidate screening and initial interviews. How much time and frustration will this save you?

We take care of:

  • Job Ad and placement
  • Compensation package assistance
  • Candidate sourcing and tracking
  • Resume review and analysis
  • First interviews
  • Scheduling Final interviews

Best of all, once the hire is made, EXOS Advisors will guarantee that person is a Top Performer – determined by the client – or we will replace that person until client is satisfied.